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The National Directory of Apartments and Rental Housing
        Rent Search is meant to enable the user to find rental information from any online source quickly and easily. This means that our pages contain links to community home pages, property management firms, and other sites that supply this type of information. There is no registration and we don't have forms to complete. All the available information is just a few clicks away. Regretfully not every locality is represented but we are continuing to add and update them. 

        Any North American site with rental information may submit a url for a free link to their site. We collect, sort and list these links for our users. Rent Search does not manage nor have unpublished information on rental homes. This site only lists and links to those who do. 

Many links on this site are outside the Rent Search Web site and are not under the control of Rent Search. Accordingly, Rent Search can make no representation concerning the content of these sites, nor does their listing serve as an endorsement by Rent Search. 

Hi, I'm a real estate broker in Indianapolis, IN. 
I don't own or manage anything outside this area.
I invite landlords and managers to list their sites, 
and searchers to see what they can discover. 
I have no additional unpublished information. 
Good Luck! and Thanks for using Rent Search.
 Michelle Rivers  @

Here's a tip on how to get the most of this site!
Use the Google's "Search this Site" (located at the top of this page) to find our page containing a zip code or city in which you wish to investigate.
From that page note the address of the listings that look most promising. Then use Google Maps to search those addresses.
Zoom in and use "Street View" to look around the neighborhood.
With luck, persistence, and Google you can learn much more than is included on any company published website.
Good Luck. We hope you enjoy your new home!

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