Listing Policy
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Long term residential rentals sites Only!.
Please e-mail us your community's name, address, zip, and phone number.
You must have a current website, include the url. is a directory residential rental properties. We list apartment complexes and real estate firms who have a property management services.

Complex and office mangers should submit their URL (web address) for review along with the physical address including a zip-code and phone number.
I.E.    My Apartments 100 Main St, My Town, IN 46222, (317) 555-1212

As part of our banner promotion RentSearch will display your banner free of charge with a new or updated listing.

Details by email.

Create Your Own Free Banners and Websites


Each listing must have a unique URL. We will not add or alter any listing without a website.
We will review your site and include it where appropriate.
If more that one listing is requested a nominal fee may apply.
Sites with prominent off subject banners, pop-ups, or other objectionable material will not be added.

We do not list single-homes.
(Real Estate firms who manage these may be listed but our users have the expectation that rentals are available.)

Other promotional links (text or banners) are available. Email for details.

(We reserve the right to accept or reject any application for a link to outside sites and to remove any link at our discretion.)

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