Rent Search  contains links to community home pages, property management firms, and other sites that supply this type of information. We don't require a membership or registration to use our site. All the available information is just a few clicks away. Regretfully not every locality is represented but we are continuing to add and update them. 

        Much of the information on this site is furnished as a good will gesture by local real estate professionals who may have homes for rent. They will answer questions about the community free of charge. We have included links to email them and to their home pages that in turn may have useful and informative links of local interest. Some of these agents will also, at your request send you a relocation package or have addition access to conventional houses for rent or rent to buy.

        You may access the rental housing information from the entry page table containing abbreviations of each state, Canada, or from the International link. On the state pages the information is broken down by cities or counties and so on. If that page does not contain the information you are looking for there are links to other rental searches on that page that may be of help. 

        Any site with rental information may submit a url for a free link to their site.  Managers may contact us for Details. We have also made arrangements with several top site designers for those who do not have web sites. Details

I began this site in 1994 to publicize my vacancies (no current vacancies) here on the Indy's west side, exchanging links with the occasional fellow property manager who had a web site. Over the years many web sites have come and gone, but it's been surprising how many have endured so please excuse any errors and/or outdated links. Good luck and please let me know if I can help.